Geospatial Intelligence and Enterprise Natural Resource Monitoring

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PlanetWatchers is an all-weather geospatial analytics solution that maximizes the productivity of enterprise natural resource assets.


Maximize yield and increase productivity by leveraging information about forest changes. Create an early-warning system for forest health.



Detect in-stand variability (growth problems) and alert on early stage damage to large-scale precision agriculture assets.



PlanetWatchers solves problems for natural resource intensive industries. Discover land deformation, water pollution, infrastructure anomalies, and more.


Natural resource intensive enterprises derive trillions of dollars in revenue from large, remote and distributed natural assets.

These assets are difficult to manage using boots on the ground, drones or even aircraft. Current management practices of natural assets lack critical, timely, information.

Our solution

PlanetWatchers unlocks the potential of space imaging technologies to improve the way we manage large-scale assets.

Our all weather service enables systematic review of large-scale natural assets, tracking their condition and quality over time and deriving geo-temporal insights.

Learn how our all weather monitoring service works

By combining advanced machine learning algorithms and multi-source satellite sensors, PlanetWatchers delivers an intuitive and robust monitoring and alerting system that provides critical information for natural resource intensive enterprises.

User workflow

User Flow

User defines monitoring services and area of interest

User Flow

PlanetWatchers recommends the monitoring frequency, plans the image acquisition and provides the customer with custom reports

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